Month: April 2012

Executive Portrait – Brandon Honda – John Marazzi

I’m a little excited about this blog post as I just photographed, last week, the new owner of Brandon Honda.  John Marazzi came to me for a series of professional business portraits to be used for public relations and advertising.  John bought Brandon Honda just six months ago but his new attitude toward customer satisfaction has already paid off.  He said his new emphasis on non confrontational sales were paying off with much higher sales figures year over year.

I have to say I was wondering what he would be like; you know, that steriotypical “used car salesman” persona, or just a regular business man.  Well, he was just a down to earth, driven business man.   He was extremely easy to work with and very trusting with my judgement and suggestions.

You’ll see, from the two portraits shown below, that his sincerity comes through with his easy smile.  He was certainly easy to photograph and I hope to work with him again as his needs change.

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John Marazzi, Brandon Honda
© Rick Lewis
John Marazzi, Brandon Honda
© Rick Lewis


Executive Portraits for Attorneys | Tampa | St Petersburg | Clearwater

This month has been pretty busy with executive headshots and business portraits.  I have photographed several attorneys recently and want to highlight two in this post.  Lee Pearlman and Andrew Tetreault are partners in Pearlman & Tetreault P.A.

I photographed each separately, for public relations use, and then photographed them together.  Each image will appear on their website to bring a face to their names.  They specialize in criminal defense in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Bradenton.

You will see from the images that I photographed them in the classic head and shoulders pose with a neutral grey background.  It gives the individual a very professional look.

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Pearlman and Tetreault
© Rick Lewis


Lee Pearlman
© Rick Lewis


Andrew Tetreault
© Rick Lewis

Executive Portraits and Headshots in Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg

A substantial portion of my business is photographing local executives, business and corporate people, attorneys and physicians.  These images are most often used for public relations and self promotion purposes, both on-line and in print.

Most people refer to them as “headshots” but, in fact, what I produce for my clients are business portraits.  The difference is my approach to the image.  I use six studio lights, five of which are on the subject, for each portrait.  This gives a much deeper and richer look to the image.  Take a look at the image in this post and you will see this is not just a “headshot”.

I can also accommodate those that wish something a little different.  I love it when the client has a creative idea they wish to incorporate into their business portrait.  If you need to update your “headshot”, take a look at my work at Rick Lewis Headshots, then contact me at  I’ll be happy to make your “headshot” into a beautiful portrait.

Portrait of an Attorney
© Rick Lewis

Aerial Photography | Tampa | Clearwater | St Petersburg

I did something last week I had never done before; photographed from 700 feet in the air.  The client wanted aerial shots of their corporate event at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium.  They contracted with a local Tampa helicopter service to provide the aerial platform.  I met the owner / pilot, David Edwards, at  Plant City Airport, and off we went.

David is a great guy and a great pilot.  He assured me I would not fall out the open door as we flew to our objective.  I was not so sure.  In fact I was pretty nervous about it.  I had only been in a helicopter one other time, and, coincidentally, the door was off that one as well.  But I took him for his word and about the third orbit around the stadium I started to feel better about getting the shots.

It was a piece of cake:-)  I got some great shots and the client was very happy.  Go to Rick Lewis for further information on photographic services.  And, you can always reach me at

There is no question I will be doing more aerial photography in the future.  With a good pilot, like David Edwards, getting the shot the client needs is in the bag.

Raymond James Stadium
© Sargent Photography - Re-printed with Permission from Sargent Photography
Raymond James Stadium Looking South
© Sargent Photography – Re-printed with Permission from Sargent Photography
The City of Tampa and the Hillsborough River
© Sargent Photography – Re-printed with Permission from Sargent Photography
Pilot David Edwards
© Rick Lewis - All Rights Reserved