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Nikon to Fujifilm X | One Year After the Switch

This Blog post may surprise a few of my friends and colleagues, as I have not made a big deal of switching to a completely new, (for me), camera system.  I had been a Nikon shooter since a teenager in 1967.  I started with a Nikkormat FS in 1967.  It didn’t have a light meter but it was all I could afford at 15 years of age.  Over the years I acquired a Nikkormat FTn, Nikkormat EL, Nikon F2 Photomic, Nikon D70, Nikon D200, Nikon D3, D3s, and finally the D4.

The Seeds Are Planted

During the spring and summer of 2013 I began an email conversation with a very well known commercial photographer and teacher, Will Crockett.  I read or watched a Blog post of his describing the changes he saw coming in photography.  They centered around mirrorless cameras and their ability to capture stills and video.  I was intrigued by his insights so I emailed him.  We corresponded and discussed the pros and cons of Olympus, Panasonic, and Fujifilm cameras.  I told him I was much more interested in still photography and didn’t really care about video.  He recommended I look into Fuji cameras.  He then offered to loan me one of his Fujifilm X-Pro1’s along with the “kit lens”, (18-55mm f2.8-f4, OIS) and the 60mm f2.4 macro.

©2013 Rick Lewis   X-Pro1, ISO 400, 1/900th @ f8, 18-55mm @20.5mm  Shot as Jpeg
©2013 Rick Lewis X-Pro1, ISO 400, 1/900th @ f8, 18-55mm @20.5mm Shot as Jpeg

I shot several hundred images during that week of shooting with the X-Pro1, including the one above.  I only shot jpegs, no RAW, (RAF).  At that time Lightroom 4.7 was just awful converting Fuji RAW images.  Now, I knew of Fujifilm from the wonderful jpeg machines of their early pro digital cameras, the S3 and S5 Pro.  I had no idea they made this new “X” camera.  While I was not in love with the ergonomics and quirks of handling the X-Pro, I loved the end result; and in such a small, light package.  At the end of the week, I mailed the gear back to Will.  I was still shooting with my Nikon D4 but realized I never took it with me when I left the house.  I looked back and remembered that little X-Pro went with me everywhere.  It was fun again, not hefting the brick of a camera and large glass.

The Switch

I began to, over the next several months, miss the X-Pro1 in my hand.  Even with all the faults, and believe me, there are faults.  I realized the camera made me stop and think about what I was photographing.  It was slow, but, it was more like what I remembered in my earlier days.  It was fun again.  I had always said my D3 and D4 were just outrageously expensive point and shoot cameras.  They are FAST, no doubt, and after initial set up you do just mostly point and fire off frames.  At least I did.

My needs had changed.  I moved to Montgomery, Alabama, from Tampa Florida.  My business was virtually non existent and I really did not need the big cameras and big glass that my Nikon system provided.  I was ready to downsize, and slow down.

In December of 2013 I made the switch.  I sold all of my Nikon gear and started with the Fuji X-E2 camera.  I bought all the Fujinon XF lenses I thought I would need for the new direction my business was taking me.  I bought the X-E2 because it had an updated 16MP sensor and processor and some other features that made it a little more shooter friendly than the aging X-Pro1.  And, there were rumors of a new, updated X-Pro just around the corner.

©2014 Rick Lewis  X-E2  35mm f1.4 lens, ISO 1600 1/200th @f2.8
©2014 Rick Lewis X-E2 35mm f1.4 lens, ISO 1600 1/200th @f2.8
©2014   X-E2  18-55mm @24mm (35mm equiv), ISO 200  10sec @f8
©2014 X-E2 18-55mm @24mm (35mm equiv), ISO 200 10sec @f8

The new and improved X-Pro never made it but Fuji came out with a real winner, the X-T1. That was my next purchase and my second camera body.  It has the same sensor and processor that my X-E2 has so the images look identical.  This was important to me as a professional. The X-E2 would be my backup camera on professional jobs.  I didn’t want different looks to images if I had to switch out cameras in the middle of a shoot.

My Ending Thoughts

I have no regrets in ditching my Nikon gear for the Fuji X system.  Please understand I loved the quality of my Nikon equipment.  I shot Nikon for 47 years and was a member of Nikon Professional Service (NPS).  I would never discourage anyone from buying and using Nikon professional cameras.  I preferred them over Canon for many reasons.  But, my needs changed.

I switched because I didn’t need the fast cameras and lenses, or the bulk, any longer.  I wanted to slow my photography down a notch.  I wanted photography to be fun again.  I switched to Fuji because of the wonderful image quality, the smaller size and weight, and the lenses.  It is a total package for me.  The bonus with mirrorless, is the WYSIWYG function of the EVF.  Now I can see immediately if I need to make a White Balance adjustment before the shutter fires.  I’m getting things right in the the camera and relying less on post.  In fact, I find I use the jpegs instead of the RAW images more than half the time.

I posted more X-E2 images here to show the quality of this little camera.  It’s small and unassuming but produces spectacular images.  Give the Fuji’s a try and you’ll probably be hooked too.

©2014  X-E2  18-55mm @26.5mm (40mm equiv), ISO 6400, 1/25th @f4, handheld w/OIS
©2014 X-E2 18-55mm @26.5mm (40mm equiv), ISO 6400, 1/25th @f4, handheld w/OIS
©2014  X-T1  60mm Macro lens, ISO 400, 1/200th @f4
©2014 Rick Lewis   X-T1 60mm Macro lens (90mm equiv), ISO 400, 1/200th @f4


Business Portraits in Montgomery Alabama

When Tyler Tullis, branch manager at Hometown Lenders in Montgomery Alabama, called about updating their business portraits, I was surprised.  I had only been in Montgomery for about a week and did not expect business calls so soon.  I was also very happy to help him out.

Hometown Lenders wanted to convey in their portraits that friendly, “hometown”, feeling that they strive to deliver to their clients.  They wanted people looking for a mortgage to feel at home with their staff.  I think we succeeded.  All the staff were fun to work with and easy to photograph.  Give them a call, 334-647-1900, and see what they can do for your mortgage needs.

If your company needs to update their business headshots / portraits drop me a line at  Go to my website,, for my complete portfolio and information.

Tyler Tullis
© Rick Lewis – All Rights Reserved
© Rick Lewis – All Rights Reserved
Public Relations Headshot
© Rick Lewis – All Rights Reserved



Attorney Headshot Photography | Tampa

I know my last post was about attorney headshots but a substantial portion of my clients are attorneys so I thought I would also highlight another returning client.  Lee Pearlman, managing partner in Pearlman, Tetro & Clark law firm contacted me recently.  He needed two new associates photographed for his expanding firm.

In addition to headshots for the two new associates, one for the new office manager, and one for a new attorney, they would need a shot of the three attorneys together for their Website graphics.  This would also require some fancy Photoshop® work to cut them out from the background so their graphic artist / Webmaster could “drop” them into other images on their site.  We got some great images.

For your own headshot session or for other images for a better Web presence, contact me at 813.767.4685, or email me at  Go to my Website, or for more information and image galleries.

Business Headshot Portrait
© Rick Lewis
Jeremy Clark
© Rick Lewis
Pearlman, Tetro & Clark
© Rick Lewis



Tampa Headshot Photographer | Attorneys

I photograph a lot of attorneys during the year.  Jeff Aman, of Aman Law Firm, is a returning client.  He added two associates to his practice and needed to incorporate them into his imagery for his website and other collateral advertising.

After taking individual headshots, we posed them for a nice group image.  This image would be used in print and also on the website.  It had to convey professionalism but also show the group as approachable and friendly but also determined.  Sometimes that is difficult to achieve but I think we did it very nicely.

Below is the image Jeff chose.  It is on their Home Page and appears in their collateral print marketing pieces, as you will see in the 4″x6″ “business card” they use for marketing purposes.  (I scanned one of the cards which you will see is just below the original image.)

For more information on your own session and more examples of my work go to  To contact me, email me at or call me at 813.767.4685.

Aman Law Firm
© Rick Lewis
Aman Law Firm
Aman Law Firm

Executive Portrait Photography – Annual Report

Joe is the vice president for sales of a very large building materials manufacturer on the east coast.  He literally travels the world promoting his company and products.  He needed to update his headshot but also wanted a nice image for the company’s annual report.

In Joe’s field he rarely dresses formally to meet with clients.  The building materials industry is a very hands on field.  He expressed to me that he wanted a very professional look but also more relaxed and informal than most executive portraits.

We took the headshot against my standard neutral gray background that is so popular.  But, for the annual report image I wanted to convey a little more of his stature in the company.  Joe still wanted it to have a relaxed feel.  So, I changed the background, made it a little more “executive” looking with the chair as a prop and got exactly what he was looking for.

Whether you are just getting started in your career, or a well established executive like Joe, you need to look your best.  For more information on how I can help you with that drop me a line at:  Be sure to visit my website at or for complete information and a gallery of images.

An Executive Headshot
© Rick Lewis
Annual Report Portrait
© Rick Lewis

Business Headshot Photography in Tampa – Ameriprise Financial

I was contacted recently by Robert McCann of Samad Kalig Ameriprise Financial Advisors here in Tampa.  They needed new business headshots with a consistent look and feel to better present their image to their clients.

I met with the group and could immediately see and feel a closeness, and family atmosphere.  Everyone was so open, friendly and happy to be talking with me about enhancing their image for their future clients.  They wanted that to be represented in their new photos.  They wanted a professional look but a little more informal and open approach.  I think we got just what they wanted.  I am particularly happy with the group shot.  It really conveys a “family” of advisors to assist clients in making financial decisions.

For information on how you can do the same for your business, go to my website at or email me at

Ameriprise Group
© Rick Lewis
Sam Kalig
© Rick Lewis
Robert McCann
© Rick Lewis

Tampa Headshot Photographer – Advertising Photography

John Marazzi is the owner of Brandon Honda.  His previous session with me was just to get a few good headshots and images for his business website, to promote his car dealership in Brandon Florida.

He came to me a few weeks ago with his new rescue dog, Zeus, for another photo session. Zeus is to become the “mascot”, of sorts, for Brandon Honda.  John stressed that Zeus will become an integral part of their marketing, so we had to work him into some formal and casual images.

Here are just two images from the shoot.  Zeus is a rescue dog and could not have found a better home than Brandon Honda and John!  To schedule your own photo session contact Rick at  For more images and information about Rick’s photography, please go to

John and Zeus
© Rick Lewis
John Marazzi and Zeus
© Rick Lewis

Tampa Editorial Photography – Business Lifestyle Profile

This April I was hired by the University of Arizona Foundation to photograph one of their successful alumnus.  The concept was to photograph the alumnus, Anton Anderson, showing his lifestyle now, as a successful business man.

The photograph would appear with a snapshot of why he chose UofA and the success he had achieved after graduation.  The feature is called “Ten by Ten” since each year they choose ten successful alumni ten years after graduating and tell their story.  Each of the alumni are also generous donors to the school.

This assignment was especially poignant for me since my father, who has long passed away, was a University of Arizona alumnus.  In addition, at one time in his life he was a freelance editorial photographer himself.  This was special.

The images below show the original photograph taken at Sunset Beach on Treasure Island, the article and published image and the cover of Arizona Alumnus Magazine, spring/summer 2012 addition in which the article appears.

For more information on Rick Lewis Photography you can reach me by email at:

Anton Anderson
Anton Anderson – © Rick Lewis
Anton Anderson Featured in Arizona Alumnus Magazine
Anton Anderson Profile Page
Cover of Arizona Alumnus Magazine
Cover of spring/summer 2012 issue of Arizona Alumnus Magazine.


Corporate Executive Headshot Photography – Using a Make Up Artist

Much has been said about making a good first impression.  It has never been more true today.  The economy and job market the way it is today, one needs every advantage to land that new job or new account.

That is why I recommend and have available a professional make up artist for all my photo sessions, either in the studio or on-location.  Lindsay MacConnell can be booked for any photo shoot whether it is for just a headshot or for updating website images involving your staff.

The two images you see below are recent headshots that Lindsay assisted on.  Take a good look at how beautiful the skin tones are.  Look at how even the color is and how gentle the color transition is.  This, in part, makes for great headshots.

To book your headshot or if you just wish to inquire about pricing or availability email me at  As always, drop by my websites at or

Beautiful Executive Portrait
Executive Portrait © Rick Lewis
Corporate Executive
Corporate Executive © Rick Lewis

Tampa Photography – Executive Portraits – Headshots

Executive portraits are usually thought of as the standard head shot against a neutral background.  These types of portraits certainly have their place, as you will see in the first photograph of Linda McKinnon, CEO of Central Florida Behavioral Health Network.  She needed a very traditional, conservative, portrait made for public relations purposes for her company.

However, Azuree Ashby did not want something traditional for her headshot.  She is just getting her CPA practice off the ground and wanted something a little more edgy that reflects her personality.  You will see in the second photograph we broke a few rules but created a very professional “look” for her.

Dr. Emily Lazarou of La Coop P.A. needed to update her website images.  She was looking for business portraits in her working environment that would show her in her natural surroundings at the office.  She wanted something that did not convey “clinical” to her prospective clients.

What ever your needs are for corporate, business, or executive photography are, Rick Lewis Photography can help.  I work very hard to make sure my clients are 100% satisfied with the “look” they need to achieve their public relations goals.

For more information and large gallery of images please visit my website at Rick Lewis  You can always contact me at for questions or to book an appointment.

A CEO Portrait
Linda McKinnon - CEO © Rick Lewis
Azuree Ashby CPA
Azuree Ashby, C.P.A. © Rick Lewis
Dr. Lazarou in her office.
Dr. Emily Lazarou, La Coop P.A. © Rick Lewis