Executive Portrait Photography – Annual Report

Joe is the vice president for sales of a very large building materials manufacturer on the east coast.  He literally travels the world promoting his company and products.  He needed to update his headshot but also wanted a nice image for the company’s annual report.

In Joe’s field he rarely dresses formally to meet with clients.  The building materials industry is a very hands on field.  He expressed to me that he wanted a very professional look but also more relaxed and informal than most executive portraits.

We took the headshot against my standard neutral gray background that is so popular.  But, for the annual report image I wanted to convey a little more of his stature in the company.  Joe still wanted it to have a relaxed feel.  So, I changed the background, made it a little more “executive” looking with the chair as a prop and got exactly what he was looking for.

Whether you are just getting started in your career, or a well established executive like Joe, you need to look your best.  For more information on how I can help you with that drop me a line at: rlpTampa@gmail.com.  Be sure to visit my website at RickLewisHeadshots.com or RickLewisPhotography.com for complete information and a gallery of images.

An Executive Headshot
© Rick Lewis
Annual Report Portrait
© Rick Lewis

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