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Corporate Executive Headshot Photography – Using a Make Up Artist

Much has been said about making a good first impression.  It has never been more true today.  The economy and job market the way it is today, one needs every advantage to land that new job or new account.

That is why I recommend and have available a professional make up artist for all my photo sessions, either in the studio or on-location.  Lindsay MacConnell can be booked for any photo shoot whether it is for just a headshot or for updating website images involving your staff.

The two images you see below are recent headshots that Lindsay assisted on.  Take a good look at how beautiful the skin tones are.  Look at how even the color is and how gentle the color transition is.  This, in part, makes for great headshots.

To book your headshot or if you just wish to inquire about pricing or availability email me at  As always, drop by my websites at or

Beautiful Executive Portrait
Executive Portrait © Rick Lewis
Corporate Executive
Corporate Executive © Rick Lewis

Tampa Photography – Executive Portraits – Headshots

Executive portraits are usually thought of as the standard head shot against a neutral background.  These types of portraits certainly have their place, as you will see in the first photograph of Linda McKinnon, CEO of Central Florida Behavioral Health Network.  She needed a very traditional, conservative, portrait made for public relations purposes for her company.

However, Azuree Ashby did not want something traditional for her headshot.  She is just getting her CPA practice off the ground and wanted something a little more edgy that reflects her personality.  You will see in the second photograph we broke a few rules but created a very professional “look” for her.

Dr. Emily Lazarou of La Coop P.A. needed to update her website images.  She was looking for business portraits in her working environment that would show her in her natural surroundings at the office.  She wanted something that did not convey “clinical” to her prospective clients.

What ever your needs are for corporate, business, or executive photography are, Rick Lewis Photography can help.  I work very hard to make sure my clients are 100% satisfied with the “look” they need to achieve their public relations goals.

For more information and large gallery of images please visit my website at Rick Lewis  You can always contact me at for questions or to book an appointment.

A CEO Portrait
Linda McKinnon - CEO © Rick Lewis
Azuree Ashby CPA
Azuree Ashby, C.P.A. © Rick Lewis
Dr. Lazarou in her office.
Dr. Emily Lazarou, La Coop P.A. © Rick Lewis

Tampa Business Headshot Photography – Environmental

More and more I am being asked to do environmental business photography for my clients.  Business headshots, or portraits, or what ever you wish to call them have a much more inviting and informal look that is so popular these days.

Depending on the location, they can be much more difficult to photograph but they usually exceed the client’s expectations with the overall feel and look.  Some offices are just not suitable due to the decor or cubical size but we can usually find a location that is fitting.

These three images are examples of what can be achieved, from very casual (for a magazine article) to more formal images for the client’s website.  And, you should also notice these are much more than “headshots”.

For more information on how arrange for your own session, contact me at:  Be sure to visit my website for more Tampa Business Headshot Photography.

Anton Anderson
© Rick Lewis
Environmental Portrait
© Rick Lewis
Environmental Portrait
© Rick Lewis

Business Headshots with a Difference | Tampa | St Petersburg | Clearwater

I was contacted by Soyring Consulting of St. Petersburg about business portraits for their staff.  This call was a little different.  They did not want the “lawyer look”, or standard business portrait that I usually take.  They wanted something that conveyed a different message.

As I spoke with them about their image it was clear they wanted to show how open and responsive their people were.  They wanted to show professionalism, that is for sure, but they wanted to show their people are approachable and eager to help.  Oh, and because they have people spread across the country, the look had to be repeatable by other photographers.

I had just the solution.  As you will see, we kind of broke the mold on this assignment.  I think the resulting portraits convey just what they were looking for.  I had a great time photographing them, all 10 of them!  Their personalities really came out.

For more information on business portraits / headshots for you or your organization go to my website, Rick Lewis Photography, and take a look.  You can reach me at or give me a call at 813.767.4685.

Business Portrait
© Rick Lewis
The President
© Rick Lewis
Executive Portrait
© Rick Lewis


Executive Portrait – Brandon Honda – John Marazzi

I’m a little excited about this blog post as I just photographed, last week, the new owner of Brandon Honda.  John Marazzi came to me for a series of professional business portraits to be used for public relations and advertising.  John bought Brandon Honda just six months ago but his new attitude toward customer satisfaction has already paid off.  He said his new emphasis on non confrontational sales were paying off with much higher sales figures year over year.

I have to say I was wondering what he would be like; you know, that steriotypical “used car salesman” persona, or just a regular business man.  Well, he was just a down to earth, driven business man.   He was extremely easy to work with and very trusting with my judgement and suggestions.

You’ll see, from the two portraits shown below, that his sincerity comes through with his easy smile.  He was certainly easy to photograph and I hope to work with him again as his needs change.

For your own public relations business portraits contact me at:  And, be sure to visit my headshots website for more information and additional images.

John Marazzi, Brandon Honda
© Rick Lewis
John Marazzi, Brandon Honda
© Rick Lewis


Executive Portraits for Attorneys | Tampa | St Petersburg | Clearwater

This month has been pretty busy with executive headshots and business portraits.  I have photographed several attorneys recently and want to highlight two in this post.  Lee Pearlman and Andrew Tetreault are partners in Pearlman & Tetreault P.A.

I photographed each separately, for public relations use, and then photographed them together.  Each image will appear on their website to bring a face to their names.  They specialize in criminal defense in Tampa, St. Petersburg and Bradenton.

You will see from the images that I photographed them in the classic head and shoulders pose with a neutral grey background.  It gives the individual a very professional look.

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Pearlman and Tetreault
© Rick Lewis


Lee Pearlman
© Rick Lewis


Andrew Tetreault
© Rick Lewis

Executive Portraits and Headshots in Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg

A substantial portion of my business is photographing local executives, business and corporate people, attorneys and physicians.  These images are most often used for public relations and self promotion purposes, both on-line and in print.

Most people refer to them as “headshots” but, in fact, what I produce for my clients are business portraits.  The difference is my approach to the image.  I use six studio lights, five of which are on the subject, for each portrait.  This gives a much deeper and richer look to the image.  Take a look at the image in this post and you will see this is not just a “headshot”.

I can also accommodate those that wish something a little different.  I love it when the client has a creative idea they wish to incorporate into their business portrait.  If you need to update your “headshot”, take a look at my work at Rick Lewis Headshots, then contact me at  I’ll be happy to make your “headshot” into a beautiful portrait.

Portrait of an Attorney
© Rick Lewis

Executive Headshots and Portraits | Tampa | St Petersburg | Clearwater

One area of photography I really enjoy is taking executive headshots.  Actually, they really are not “headshots”.  They really are portraits.  I use six (6) in the studio to light my subject and set!  Many photographers only use three.  I feel there is a difference.

For the corporate executive, business owner, attorney, doctor, or real estate agent, a proper portrait is essential to help them promote themselves and their career.  That’s where I come in.  There is nothing like a fully re-touched business portrait to make a good first impression.

For more examples go to my executive / corporate portrait and headshot website.  Email me for availability at:!  Even on short notice I can usually get you in.

A Business Portrait
© Rick Lewis